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Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M500 3D Control FAYb máy khắc laser Panasonic

Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M500, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M500-S, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M505, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M505-S, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M200, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M200-S, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M205, Laser Marker Panasonic LP-M205-S
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Productivity and safety in one
New 3D fiber laser marker LP-M series

FDA※1 CE※2
※1 Conforming to FDA regulations
※2 Conforming to Low voltage and EMC Directive




Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX's top-level 40 W high output FAYb laser marker marks or processes deeper and faster on metallic workpieces. Handles an expanded range of laser marker marking / processing applications.

Deep engraving marking / laser processing
Allows deeper and sharper marking and processing to handle demanding applications.
No blade is used for high-quality, stable processing.

■ Deep engraving sample [image]

Deep engraving sample

■ Laser processing sample [image]

Laser processing sample


High-speed marking


The larger the energy amount sent to the workpiece, the faster and deeper the marking / processing.
Takt time reduction greatly enhances productivity.

■ Image of high-speed deep engraving

Image of high-speed deep engraving

Advanced environmental resistance

Durable protective structure is a benefit in harsh environments containing dust and water


【IP64 fanless small head】


Fanless small head
Significant improvements in radiation performance enabled a small and fanless head design which is capable of high output. Install with confidence, free from worry about fan clogs.

IP64 Head Protective Design
Employs an inner and outer layer Double Protective Design for better airtightness inside the head. The complete air tight seal prevents dust and water entering from any direction for stable operation on the production floor.

IP64 fanless small head

【Principles and features of FAYb laser oscillation】
In a revolutionary method, the FAYb laser amplifies a weak laser beam from a master oscillator as it passes through a fiber treated with the element Ytterbium to emit a strong laser beam. Conversion loss is minimal as the FAYb laser amplifies laser beams in the fiber and achieves an excellent beam-to-beam conversion efficiency of approximately 50%. Power consumption is minimized despite high output and contributes to reduced carbon footprint.

Weak pulse laser beams are amplified by absorbing low-output LD beams as they pass through the fiber.

Principles and features of FAYb laser oscillation


3D Control capability allows marking on various types of products and complicated shapes to meet a large number of application needs.
Enables the best marking on every product type.
The LP-M series contributes to production efficiencies, equipment miniaturization and reduced costs.

High performance Z-axis stroke mechanism


The Z-axis stroke mechanism controls the laser beam focal point in the Z-direction to enable marking on an item with height differences. Marks clearly with no distortion on slanted, curved and stepped surface shapes. Spot average marking enables control of the laser beam spot diameter for uniform marking thickness and depth.

■ Variable control of focus distance via Z-axis stroke

Variable control of focus distance via Z-axis stroke

Uniformly thick marking despite height difference

Uniformly thick marking despite height difference


Simple 3D settings: NAVI LINK-3D (Optional)



Easy-to-use software enables you to create marking data by simply overlapping a workpiece shape with the characters and shape data to mark. Check the workpiece from any angle on the image screen to make simple adjustments. For use in overseas factories, English is also available in addition to Japanese.

Advanced marking stability features
Use the displacement sensor for the best marking on every piece

【Displacement input】 NEW
Varying workpiece heights during production causes discrepancies in printing quality. The LP-M series can measure workpiece height data directly with the displacement sensor. All workpiece heights can be checked before marking for stable production quality.

Displacement input

■ Sample marked at a position 2mm away from the correct height


Concern for machine safety has increased as globalization progresses.
A way to safely intercept or stop the laser beam, which is a hazard source in a laser device, is essential. (Compliant with international standard ISO 11553-1)
Two newly mounted safety mechanisms improve both Productivity and Safety.

Laser interceptor [-S type only] NEW

Durability has vastly improved since the first laser interceptor developed. Two outputs can be monitored to check laser interception. Safety is ensured even when the laser power source is on, preventing productivity losses.

■ Laser interception image

Duplicate interlock circuits NEW

Mounted with 2 interlock circuits instead of one.
A safety relay is also deployed to ensure the laser power source is stopped.

Duplicate interlock circuits

Safety control system structure
International standard ISO 13849-1 (JIS B 9705-1) regulates safety function of safety-related parts of control systems, and requires safeguards be taken for an entire system embedded with a laser marker.

Safety control system structure

[1]Safeguards for the shutter where workpiece is loaded / unloaded
Safe structure with Laser Intercept Feature

Each time a workpiece is loaded or unloaded, the shutter opens and closes. When the shutter is open, the laser intercept mechanism closes to ensure safety. Impacts on production efficiency during mass production are avoided because the laser power source does not need to be stopped each time it opens or closes.
[Operation safety device] Safety magnetic switch, etc.

[2]Safeguards for Maintenance Shutter
Safe structure with Laser Intercept Feature

The shutter opens and closes during maintenance or fine tuning. When the shutter is open, the laser intercept mechanism closes to ensure safety. Work efficiency during mass production is not lost because the laser power source does not need to be stopped each time it opens or closes.
[Operation safety device] Safety door switch, etc.

[3]Safeguards for Emergencies
Safe structure with Interlock Circuits

In an emergency, forces the laser power source (hazard source) to stop.
[Operation safety device] Emergency stop switch

Advanced useful, reassuring features to prevent accidents

【Reassuring features used in production】
■ Mark energy measurement
Measures the power when marking, when outside a set range, uses error output to notify.

■ Broken line notification
Stops laser immediately if a severed fiber line is detected.

■ Erroneous irradiation detection
Stops laser immediately if unforeseen laser irradiation is detected.

■ Emergency stop switch
Also equipped to the laser marker controller. Can be stopped individually.

【Convenient safety inspection functions】
■ Laser output measurement
Measures the current laser output.

■ Laser output check
Monitor laser output attenuation from the time of purchase.

■ Laser output correction
Calibrate with a commercially available power meter.

■ Error history view
Displays error time, date and details.

Laser output measurement

Advanced user-friendliness

Multiple functions added to the design make work on the factory floor easier.

■ Supports Ethernet

Simple connection to multiple laser markers and peripherals.


Supports Ethernet

■ PC software: laser marker NAVI plus
Includes PC software for simple configuration of marking data. Data can even be created off-site (Multiple languages supported). Package includes software to create logos, software to create fonts, and Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-In. Create any kind of data.
*Adobe® and Illustrator® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

■ Monitor display
Connect a monitor and mouse to operate the unit using a large screen.

■ USB connector standard feature
Settings can be saved to a commercially available USB flash drive source to backup marking conditions, or copy data to multiple laser markers.
*Requires an operation check in advance.

■ Multiple language support NEW
Easily switch among Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, Korean and German.
*The console is optional.

■ I/O check monitor
Connector I/O can be checked on a monitor. Signals can be quickly checked at equipment startup.

I/O check monitor

■ Guide image display
The marking area or characters to be marked are traced with a red light. Time required for marking can be measured in advance, aiding pre-marking check tasks.

Guide image display

■ Protective glass
The laser beam port is constructed of double-layered protective glass. The outer layer of protective glass is removable, and cleaning is easy. If an extra protective glass* procured in advance and used, the production line does not have to be stopped even during cleaning. The laser beam port is protected from dust or damage, reducing maintenance costs.
*Extra protective glass is optional.

Protective glass