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Laser Marker panasonic LP-S500W FAYb máy khắc laser panasonic

LP-S500W / LP-S505W
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Opening up new possibilities for FAYb laser markers
A New Standard Black Laser Annealing

FDA※1 CE※2
※1 Conforming to FDA regulations
※2 Conforming to Low voltage and EMC Directive

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Easy Black Marking. For metals FAYb Laser Marker LP-S500W


Easy to configure, the LP-S500W allows beautiful, reliable black marking.


Laser Marker Applications

Laser Marker Applications

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The LP-S500W series is the culmination of technologies that have been developed over many years.
With its high output and newly developed optical system suited for black laser annealing, the FAYb* laser allows for quick and clear black laser annealing in a package that is easy to set up.
The LP-S500W series brings black laser annealing to a whole new level.
*FAYb: Fiber Amplified Ytterbium



Black laser annealing made simple thanks to a newly developed optics design


Black laser annealing* oxidizes the surfaces of metals, turning them black.
To achieve the perfect black tone, strict optimizations were performed.
With the LP-S500W series, we have made black laser annealing simple thanks to a newly developed optics design.
Easy to configure, the LP-S500W allows beautiful, reliable black marking.
The latest in optical technology will improve quality and productivity.
*Optimal performance may not be achievable with certain materials.


Wide marking range [New design]

Reliable black laser annealing used to require strict management of the target’s work distance. With the LP-S500W series, you now have ±15 mm ±0.591 in* more flexibility in work distance thanks to a newly developed optics design. There is no longer a need to do process changeovers for lines producing products of different sizes. And, because printing is done uniformly regardless of height differences, the LP-S500W series helps improve production reliability.
* In case of marking to SUJ2 (material) by LP-S500W


Wide marking range


New dual pointer marks [New feature]

The LP-S500W series allows the operator to visualize the printable range based on the relationship between the positions of the guide laser and laser pointer. Now you can check target object position and height based on the laser pointer’s marker positions. Deviation amounts can also be checked. With this feature, equipment setup and maintenance gets a little easier.


New dual pointer marks


Work distance setting [New feature]

For accurate marking on workpieces with different heights, marking sizes, positions, etc. need modification in consideration of each target’s height. With the LP-S500W series, marking size and position are corrected automatically by entering the distances to each target object. Setting for marking target objects of different heights just got much simpler.


Work distance setting


High-speed black marking [New design]

A significant amount of heat energy used to be needed to achieve a sufficiently dark black laser annealing. Featuring a high-output 42 W FAYb laser, the LP-S500W series has twice the output of other models*. Improve productivity with black laser annealing that is faster and that produces darker markings.
* LP-F13W


High-speed black marking



The resilient "IP67G fanless head" body stands up to harsh environments


With a protective construction*1 that allowed the creation of the "IP67G Fanless Head",a first*2 for the laser marking industry, the LP-S500W is strong enough to withstand the dirt, dust, water drops, oil mists and other elements common to harsh environments at manufacturing sites.
*1: Head section only
*2: Data obtained by Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX as of February 2012


IP67G fanless head [An industry 1st]

Use of high quality parts and well engineered design, have resulted in a robust IP67G enclosure.



Superior design

The LP-S500W series features minimum frame seams. Minor seams and screw holes are completely sealed, producing high sealing performance. This performance is sustained by applying constant pressure to the sealed areas. Maximum cooling efficiency is also achieved allowing the use of a fanless head for thorough cooling.


Superior design

High quality protection parts

Seamless sealing materials are used that have low water absorption and excellent oil resistance properties.
Connectors are dust, water, and oil-proof. The lens has a protective glass cover.



A small head and the ability to remove and reinstall the fiber unit provides freedom in facility design


Meet the industry’s first*1 removable fiber unit, achieved through unique design.
Thanks to a small head and removable fiber unit, integration with other equipment just got simpler.
This allows for dramatic improvements in workability and equipment design freedom.
*1: Data obtained by Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX as of February 2012


Small head

The LP-S500W series takes up close to 15 % less floor space with about 20 % less volume*1 compared to other models*2. Save floor costs by using more space-saving equipment.
*1: Scanner unit section
*2: LP-F series


Small head


Removable fiber unit [An industry 1st]

Thanks to the removable fiber unit, a first*1 for the fiber laser marking industry, it is now easier than ever to maintain and integrate it with other equipment.
[Fiber Unit Removability Advantages]
・Smaller equipment, lower costs
・Simpler equipment assembly
・Simpler dismantling when transporting equipment
・Simpler laser marker maintenance


Illustration of equipment integration

Universal Specs

With identical specs in Japan and overseas, you are always using the same machine.
Use the FAYb Laser Marker worry-free in any plant around the world.