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Photoelectric Sensors optex fa Z3 series - Cảm biến quang optex fa

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High Power LED Provides Stable Detection

The Z3 series through-beam type sensor has a 25 m sensing distance, the longest in its class. This high power provides a significant increase in excess gain, which helps the sensor overcome interference from dust or other fine particles.
- Easy optical axis adjustment thanks to a large spot size with good visibility
- Four-element LED helps reduce beam degradation during long-term use

high power LED

high power LED


Output and stability indicators are brighter than those of conventional models and easier to view from any direction.


Bright indicator LED


Significantly Reduced Dead Zone

The diffuse-reflective type features an optimized optical receiver system that successfully minimizes the dead zone in front of the lens. This makes it easier to detect workpieces with a low reflectivity that pass close to the sensor even on lines that convey workpieces of varying heights.

Small dead zone